Make It New

2014’s Small is Beautiful design contest was a huge hit for Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture and this year the firm is set to launch a new design competition to encourage more eco-friendly architectural designs.

The ‘Make It New’ competition will aim to showcase the architectural designs that are made with eco-friendly materials. It will encourage the next generation of architects to think about making more sustainable, environmentally friendly designs.

‘It has become increasingly obvious over the past few years that there is a desire for more eco-friendly buildings and structures in our cities’ said Fahad Al-Tamimi, Director of the company.

‘We have seen many architecture students from around the world making new sustainable structures and it’s definitely a trend that we would like to see continued.’ He added.

One of the inspirations behind this competition was the recent Harvard student designed ‘Lorraine’ a small micro home that is completely solar powered. The house offers all the comforts of home in a tiny 160-square-foot footprint. It is fully equipped with solar energy, a two-burner stove, a closed water system and a composting toilet.

It is this kind of design that many have speculated will be the future of living spaces around the world. Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture has long been dedicated ot eco-friendly designs and constructing the most sustainable buildings possible, both commercially nad privately. The ‘Make It New’ competition is a distillation of all these ideas that will allow young designers the chance to contribute to a better future for everyone.

Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture is one of the UK’s leading firms in Residential, Commercial, Listen, Conservation, Sustainable and Community Development. The company was established more than a decade ago and has grown considerable over the last few years, and along the way has been recognized with an array of high-profile national and international awards.