Fahad Al Tamimi’s London Architecture Presentation

It has been a fantastic year for Fahad Al Tamimi Architects, as we’ve expanded operations due to unprecedented success over the last few months.

Recently, I’ve found myself giving more presentations to companies from the Middle East and across Europe looking to either invest in European property or establish headquarters in the UK.

As such, I’ve drawn up a presentation of some of my favourite buildings across the Capital in order to demonstrate the creativity and astounding architectural achievements of the city.

In the slideshow, which can be found here, I’ve tried to show the excellence in design, technology and general aesthetic beauty which London already boasts.

From the world-famous Shard to the London Metropolitan University Building, London has some of the most creative and ground-breaking architecture in the world.

The slideshow aims to inspire potential clients showing them that they will be in good company while we promise to exceed the already high standards set in Britain.

Fahad Al Tamimi acted as consultants to some of the environmental aspects of these projects, showing that technology and ecology can operate side by side in a harmonious relationship.

London is one of my favourite cities in the world in terms of architecture. Strict planning laws mean it can be difficult to obtain permission to build in certain areas but this protects our history.

It also means that when futuristic and groundbreaking buildings are granted permission, it have a positive rejuvenating effect on the areas in which they are located and have passed a certain quality mark which would not exist without controlled planning permission.

In cities like New York, where change is welcomed, some of the cities architectural gems have are lost over the years and art deco designs were destroyed to make way for modern buildings on the same plot.

As such, London is a rich patchwork of historical buildings and modern glass and steel facing off over narrow winding streets.

The slideshows I have prepared for prospective clients demonstrates my love affair with the capital’s architecture and hopefully this transmits to them why London would make a fantastic place to set up shop or invest in property.


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