Fahad Al Tamimi Architects are experts in all aspects of house design, whether it is simple loft conversions with gabled roofs or even your very own Grand Design. Fahad Al Tamimi are experts in utilising the smallest of budgets to get the very most from your project. Whether you’re looking for a site manager or are managing the project yourself, we are experts is enabling you to be in control of the project while guaranteeing success.

Residential Development

For larger residential developments, it is vital to maximise space while considering the human implications of building residential properties. While building more houses will maximise revenues from the properties, developments which are sympathetic to their future tenants will sell quicker and for a higher price. He brings vast experience to every development project it undertakes.

Commercial Building

On a commercial scale poses a set of completely different problems to residential properties. Whether you’re looking to build a ‘statement’ of intent for your company or a multi-million pound development to rent, we have site managers and architects with experience across multiple sectors.


While some architects view conservation as a difficulty to be negotiated, his in-house team of experts are experienced in all periods of design, construction and therefore preservation. Conservation isn’t a challenge; it’s an art form which adds character to the projects around it. We use a mix of traditional techniques and state of the art technologies to create properties which are attractive and an integral part of their surroundings.


While the desire to ‘go green’ is on many of our client’s requirement lists, it can be difficult to know which technologies are worth their cost. Our energy experts are at the cutting edge of the industry allowing us to better serve our clients and recommend products which not only save the planet but also save you money in the long-term. He believes that by using the most modern materials and techniques we are able to create buildings which stand the test of time while furthering our industry.


Building projects in already existing communities brings their own sets of challenges. While some residents will welcome change, others would rather see derelict buildings or scrubland for years rather than a building site for a few months. Fahad Al Tamimi Architects are experts in recommending community consultation on projects and our designs are always drawn to cause the minimum controversy with surrounding neighbours. We are experts in urban renewal projects which reflect the character and charm of surrounding properties. We believe this is the best way to not only create a unified community but also increase value of our developments and their surrounding areas. After all, modern developments shouldn’t alienate their surroundings; they should embrace their unique qualities and develop their characters.