Fahad Al-Tamimi lists some of the best pieces of Abandoned Architecture around the world

SpomenikAlthough architects spend hundreds of hours slaving over their designs attempting to get every last detail right. These hours can result in incredible designs that inspire awe around the world, however once their designs are complete, architects are not responsible for the buildings themselves and sometimes they can go out of use and become abandoned, left to rot and wither away. Here is the Fahad Al-Tamimi list of the most incredible abandoned pieces of architecture.

A small horseshoe-shaped island in the Sea of Japan was once the setting of a war due to the vast gold resources contained on it. In 1892 a permanent observation post called the Vladivostock Fortress was built there and it became the subject of international tensions between Russia and Japan. Today the island is still cluttered with the remains of what has been left behind now that the island has been fully deserted. The base of a now vanished pier, old lighthouses, a power station and a command post remain. The remaining buildings are an excellent example of pre First World War industrial soviet architecture and due to the fact the island is difficult to reach there has bene little human interaction to disturb the old buildings.

The Bannerman Castle, found 50 miles north of New York on a small island in the Hudson Island seems like a building caught out of time. It was designed by Francis Bannerman himself, an eccentric Scotsman, and built in 1901. It’s littered with the rusted remains of a vast civil war weapon collection. It’s a unique design that often doesn’t follow traditional architectural patterns which makes it an entirely unique structure, especially considering the super modern surroundings it finds itself in.

Build in 1967, the Monument to the Revolution of the people of Moslavina, is a World War II sculpture designed by Dusan Dzamonja, it’s located in Croatia and is one of many buildings commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Prez Tito. It was made to commemorate battles that had taken place all over the country and to convey the strength of the socialist republic. This stunning piece certainly does that and for its time is remarkably forward thinking. Unlike many ‘futuristic’ designs of the time, and even the most popular during the futurism period in architecture, this monument even today looks like something from the future, it’s a stunning structure and one every architecture fan should see, it definitely gets the Fahad Al-Tamimi seal of approval.

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