Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture wins sustainable project “Earth Rising”

Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture has won the contract for “Earth Rising”, a sustainable eco-retreat project in the Dorset countryside that will include a selection of carefully designed buildings.
Inspired by the fossils found along the Dorset coastline, these circular constructions will be built using natural materials. Utilising sand, water, clay and straw, these homes will become part of the surrounding countryside whilst forming a beautiful luxury retreat. The cob buildings will be powered using solar and wind power, in a fashion that remains unobtrusive.

The design includes a building designed specifically to be used as a hammam, as well containing a central building that will surround a beautiful open patio with the capability of having an open bonfire.

The client, Gaia Spas, has engaged Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture’s services due to the company’s dedication to sustainable designs and ability to work with the surrounding location of projects. Using technology at the forefront of sustainable building materials, the architectural firm has experience in blending the natural and the man-made.

Fahad Al Tamimi said of the project: “We’re very excited to be working with Gaia Spas, a company that is really passionate about protecting the environment and using natural products for good. It meshes well with our passion for creating architecture that blends with the environment and that can be sustainable, protecting our planet further.”

Fahad Al Tamimi Architecture prides itself on providing green technology solutions for architectural designs, which have been used across Europe in a variety of projects.

The company’s founder, Fahad Al Tamimi, was born in Dubai but raised in London, a place that inspired him to create beautiful architecture.

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